In the private homes of the great Hosts and Hostesses of New York, at the sumptuous Ritz Hotel in Paris, and in the legendary Executive Dining Room of Lehman Brothers Nikolaus  acquired a wealth of first hand experience and practical knowledge hosting breakfasts, lunches, teas, cocktails and dinners. He advises on food and beverage planning, table setting, service styles and procedures, accommodating guests with special needs, and how to facilitate guest interactions to create a cozy and enjoyable ambiance.

Guests included royalty, nobility, captains of industry, CEOs, politicians, writers, socialites, designers and artists from many fields.  Styles ranged from “White Glove Service” in the most formal and luxurious homes, to relaxed, memorable holiday dinners with grandparents, parents and grand children spread out before the fireplace.


Nikolaus grew up on the family farm and vineyard in a small village on the  Mosel River in Germany.  His mother was an excellent cook and homemaker provisioning the family with farm grown fruits and vegetables, baked goods and meats from the livestock.

Etiquette and table manners were of central importance to his parents and instilled in him a feeling for the good life. His appreciation for fine foods and wines is firmly rooted in the maternal kitchen.